We often like to fill our homes with amenities that tend to satisfy our needs when it comes to relaxation and entertainment. It is a great way to escape and loosen up after a tiring day at work. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for us to hang out with our family after a prolonged day of doing chores.

For this very reason, it is only appropriate for us to choose the best when it comes to our home theater system.  These setups can bring the grandness of the cinema in our homes if you know what you should look for.

There are numerous variables to consider when picking a system that will provide a great source of entertainment. While the modern age is filled with smartphones and computers, nothing will ever replace these large home theater systems.

If you want to choose the best one out of the less preferred brands, feel free to follow our tips below.

1. The Size of Your Living Room

Home theater systems are designed to deliver the full extent of a movie or a concert-viewing experience at the comfort of your home. It has all the functionalities to give you the right sights and sounds for your viewing pleasure; however, those important factors would still have to rely on a certain element: the size of your space.

You may argue that the size of your living room has nothing to do with the system’s sound and picture quality. However, it is important to remember that acoustics and sound insulation are part of the viewing experience. Those two factors are greatly affected by the floor space, and if you do not consider those into the equation, you may end up not enjoying your viewing experience at all.

2. The Streaming Devices That You Already Have

There are a lot of streaming services being offered by many companies today. While it may seem like they are all compatible with your home theater systems, think again! One major roadblock in picking out the right system for your home is the compatibility and wirings of the components. Some have numerous different jacks and receivers, much so that you may have to buy a separate converter just to connect the streaming device with the system.

You also have to consider the resolution and sound format of the movie being streamed online. Some may come outright in 4K quality, while others may take longer. Keep in mind that some home theater systems are only designed for normal DVDs and Blu-rays.

3. The Difficulty in Setting It Up

Not everyone is a natural-born sound technician, and neither is everyone familiar with the proper ways of setting up their systems. In such a case, it is your responsibility to learn about the proper methods of accomplishing that or get the help of audio-video specialists in Birmingham, AL, to set it up for you.


Choosing the right home theater system for your living room is just a matter of knowing the right size of your floor space, compatible streaming devices, and difficulty level in setting it up. It isn’t so much about the features but rather the system’s compatibility to be handled in an easy manner.

Experience full immersion with your favorite programs using our tips above, and pick the home theater system that will greatly jive with your budget and preferences.

If you are looking for a company that provides and sets up high-quality home theater systems, look no further than our services here at SAVI A/V Specialist. We are skilled audio and video specialists, and we have been serving the Birmingham, AL area for many years. Contact us today and let us provide you with a system that will enhance your viewing experience.

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