Lets face it we’ve all found ourselves at one point or another worrying about the garage door and other entry ways into our home. Now imagine having the ability to lock,unlock,close and open access to your property with one easy to use app. Receive notification by text message to ensure loved ones made it home. Combine with our camera system to add video notification when a door is opened. Receive alerts when the garage door is open or was left open. We can even automate and combine with lighting control to ensure you to never come home to a dark house again. Connect your doorbell into your audio system to be notified when your guests arrive. Answer the door while you’re away. Set up time sensitive key codes that only work on the days and times you want to allow access to your home. Optimize access to your property for the maid, pool guy and other routine maintenance. Track and allow entry into your home with a touch of a button for the nanny, babysitter, and other family members. With an on site assessment by one of our A/V specialists we will go over the many of options, colors and styles available to you to ensure the right look for your doors hardware. Smart locks are a great way to keep you in the know and with a system by SAVI A/V Specialists you won't need to worry about locking yourself out anymore, Because now you can control access to your home from anywhere in the world.