Having digital signage as a marketing tool has been a widely used strategy by businesses for a long time. With a competitive market, it can be hard to advertise your products and services without using advertising tools to give you leverage.

While it isn’t easy, having digital signage is a great way for you to get your message out there and entice audiences to learn more about your brand. If you are planning on doing this, note that you will face many challenges in the process.

We’ve listed just some of them so that you can plan ahead and avoid these challenges altogether.

1. Not Having the Right Hardware and Software

Having a digital signage system means you will need both hardware and software to work. If one is not effective, then the whole system will suffer. You need to find the best option in the market so that both will work with the content you have to generate.

Choose hardware that can accommodate the size of the content and how far along you want it to be viewed. Many LED, LCD, and OLED displays allow for digital signages to be viewed in long-range situations. Alternatively, you can opt for a small touchscreen display if you plan on setting this up in a kiosk.

Your software should use a flexible and scalable content management system (CMS) that supports multi-screen content management.

2. Incorrect Signage Placement

You also need to take into account where the digital signage will be placed. With the correct placement, you can guarantee full traffic and optimal audience interaction. However, if placed in a poor location, you will miss out on a lot of engagement with your target audience.

Location is everything. You would want to scout for a location with high foot traffic and guaranteed crowds. It could also help you to place it where people are idle and can look at it while doing so. Checkout lines, bus stops, elevators, and break rooms are all great places to put your signage.

It’s not just the location that you want to think about, but the eye level and distance as well. Consider how quickly someone might see it while they are walking by. Make sure your fonts and design are within reasonable size and perceivable at any vantage point.

3. Poor Quality of Content

Hardware and software aren’t just the players of the digital signage game. They are merely supporting systems for the actual star: your signage content. If your content isn’t engaging or eye-catching, then it defeats the purpose of digital signage in the first place.

Viewers want refreshing, unique, and quality content that will keep them wanting more. Stale content will just be passed over by audiences without a second glance. This means that all of your money spent on investing in your digital signage will go to waste.

It doesn’t matter if you have a high-resolution, 4k screen. If the content inside is not enough to hook your audience, then you won’t have a favorable ROI.


When done correctly, digital signages will help you improve your marketing efforts. It will give you an extra platform to engage with your audience and communicate your brand identity. Despite the challenges listed above, there are ways you can easily overcome them with the right planning.

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