Rest easy knowing that the A/V Specialists here at SAVI will have you and your liabilities properly covered. Keep an eye on kids, deliveries, and traffic around your home in live time from virtually anywhere in the world. Every camera system we install is unique in design by the layout of your home and surrounding property. With an on-site assessment by one of our trained associates, we will go over your home with you to ensure that the proper cameras are used by taking into consideration the distance, possible light pollution, desired look, and view you want to achieve. As always, our team of technicians will take care of your home throughout the installation process. We will also ensure integration with phones, tablets, routers, and optional TV locations, giving you the ability to view your camera system in real time from anywhere. We are state licensed for CCTV and access control systems, armed with the knowledge and experience to make even the most challenging of installations look easy. Upgrade outdated black and white cameras to the new color at night system allowing you to see and hear activity at night in color. Record and playback footage in 4k with audio using the latest in camera technology. All of our camera systems come with an easy to use interface that will allow you to quickly find color coordinated motion events that happen throughout the day, allowing you to export and playback footage from months of recorded footage.

We understand how important personal property security is for you and your loved ones. Our mission at SAVI is to deliver the latest technology to you in a way that is easy to use. Allow us to give you a free home consultation to help you make an informed decision on how to better secure you and your family at home.