Criminals are becoming increasingly smarter over the years, using their experience and savviness with technology to their advantage. The old trick of placing dummy cameras in your property’s exteriors will no longer fool the newer generation. This is why you need to move beyond the cosmetic solution of fake security cameras and invest in authentic security systems for your home.

Where Are the Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras?

The decision to reinforce your home’s security is never a loss, whether your area is prone to security breaches or not. However, you need to ensure that you’re guarding the right entry points to have an effective security system. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of money on a whole lot of nothing added to your home’s defenses.

In this article, we’ll share four areas where you can strategically place your security cameras.

1. Front Door

The most obvious place you should add a security camera is one covering your front door. While it may be an obvious security measure, that doesn’t discount the benefits it gives. Its presence will make prospective criminals wary of their attempts at your house. This is why it’s better to keep it as visible as possible, even to your guests. Since you don’t have to hide it in an inconspicuous position, you have more flexibility to get a wider field of vision.

2. First-Floor Windows

Since your home is unique in its own right, your window and door placements will vary. This also means that your home has different entry points for intruders to consider. 

Besides adding protection to your front door, installing security cameras covering the first-floor windows will hinder attempts at crossing through your property. These cameras should also be widely visible to dissuade thieves or burglars from attempting to break in. These measures will either force them to move onto another target or use more risky methods with lower success rates.

3. Backyards and Backdoors

Backyards will usually be the first option criminals familiar with break-ins will consider. Since it’s obstructed from the general view of the neighborhood, there are fewer chances of getting caught. This is why you need to reinforce your security in these areas with structures like fences and walls. However, these aren’t enough to dissuade persistent criminals. Using motion-detection cameras paired with security alarms can leave them scrambling the moment they land in your backyard.

4. Interiors

Just because you’ve reinforced your home’s exteriors doesn’t mean you’re free from any threats. More tech-savvy criminals can disable your security systems by strategically cutting power to these devices. For this reason, you need extra protection within your home.

Installing security cameras in your indoors is an added layer of protection to protect your indoor space. Having a set of cameras directed at your entry points, windows, and foyer areas can be an effective way to deter break-ins. Even in the aftermath of a break-in, these tools will help law enforcement recreate the crime scene and find justice by apprehending your home’s invaders.


Identifying the best places to position your cameras won’t do you any good without the right products. This is where the hardware you invest in will pay dividends by choosing the right supplier. Keeping your home’s safety relies on the quality of security camera systems you install, so you should only purchase products from credible and certified companies.

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