When you’re opening up a new business like a restaurant or a retail store, you focus on what you know to be the more important things. Aside from preparing your products, ensuring that you have the best interior design—the most suitable lighting, nice and comfy chairs, and so on—should be your priority. Often, the AV system for visual displays and music is not included on your list of important “to-dos.” 

The problem is, when you don’t pay much attention to audio-video installation, you are at risk of getting low-grade products that not only deliver poor quality audio and video but could even be a hazard later on. The best way to avoid these is by finding audio video specialists in Birmingham to handle the installation for you:

Benefits of Hiring AV Specialists for Installation

While we cannot speak for all AV professionals in the area, we at SAVI A/V Specialists can assure you of the following benefits:

You’ll Get Only High-Quality Products

TV displays and speakers come in different brands and models, and choosing the right one for your business could be challenging if you don’t know exactly what to look for. By choosing to hire the team from SAVI A/V, you know that a professional is choosing from high-quality products that are suitable for your business. We know which brands and models offer 4k display solutions and amazing sound that you’ll enjoy for years. 

You’ll Get the Right Acoustics

Did you know that the floorplan of your business matters when choosing the location for your speakers and displays? Many shops and restaurants have a high ceiling and open space, which translates to poor acoustics—that is, if you don’t know how to solve this issue. 

With professionals handling the installation, you can be sure that your speakers will deliver brilliant sounds in any part of your business without getting in the way of your customers. At the same time, displays will be clearly visible from any angle. This way, your customers can see the digital menus or anything you’re displaying on those monitors. 

You’ll Get a System That Is Easy to Use

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply have one simple controller that you can use to manage your whole AV system?

We can do that for you. Our team understands that you already have enough on your plate, so we make sure that your music and your videos can be controlled in an easy way. Imagine being able to manage your AV system from a central system. Whether you need to share audio across all the areas in your facility or display the same video on all the screens, or maybe automatically change the menu display, we can make it, so you do all that in a few button presses without any complication. 


It does not matter how many speakers or TV monitors you need in your place of business. As long as it is installed properly by an AV system specialist from a reputable company, you won’t have to worry about a thing. There’s no need for you to spend hours figuring out which displays or speakers to get or what their layout should be like. With a professional video and sound system installation, you’ll get high-quality equipment with an intuitive central control without the hassle of figuring out how things work. 

Experts from SAVI A/V Specialist are here to help you with your Birmingham audio video needs.  Contact our team today to find out what we can do for you!

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