3 Reasons to Route Video and Audio Through a Home Theater Receiver

July 15, 2021News

What is the role of a home theater receiver? If you asked this question many years ago, the answer would be pretty different from today. Years back, a home receiver only dealt with audio input switching, providing power to the speakers, and a few other things. However, home theater receivers of today do all of … Read More

3 Common AV Failures and What You Can Do to Fix Them

July 8, 2021News

No matter how well you set up your AV for any event, problems will always occur. Technology can never be 100% reliable—sooner or later, something will go wrong. Whether it be a microphone that isn’t working, audio feedback that rumbles through the room, or a slideshow that refuses to respond, these issues can be quite … Read More

Property Security: Where Should You Place Security Cameras?

July 1, 2021News

Criminals are becoming increasingly smarter over the years, using their experience and savviness with technology to their advantage. The old trick of placing dummy cameras in your property’s exteriors will no longer fool the newer generation. This is why you need to move beyond the cosmetic solution of fake security cameras and invest in authentic … Read More

Why You Should Let Professionals Install Your Audio-Video System

June 21, 2021News

When you’re opening up a new business like a restaurant or a retail store, you focus on what you know to be the more important things. Aside from preparing your products, ensuring that you have the best interior design—the most suitable lighting, nice and comfy chairs, and so on—should be your priority. Often, the AV … Read More