It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that technology has changed the way we live our lives. And while this is evident in a slew of different parts of daily life, it’s most evident in our homes. Indeed, smart home devices have transformed modern homes. Because of this many landlords are starting to consider installing smart home devices in their rentals to entice renters. Given that this will be a pretty significant investment, some of you may be wondering if installing smart home devices is worth it. To help you figure things out, we’ve put together a brief discussion on this topic. If this is something that you want to learn more about, read on as we discuss if smart home devices are worth adding to rental properties.


To determine whether or not smart home devices are worth it, we have to look at both the pros and cons of adding them to your rental properties. Here are a few of the most significant advantages of adding smart home devices to your rental properties:

  • Smart home technology, like smart LED bulbs, will reduce your rental’s energy costs. This is a good way for landlords to improve their profitability. For hallways, entryways and outdoor walkways, the smart LED light bulbs will save more energy than traditional lights, and they can even be programmed to turn on at specific times.
  • Home automation systems give renters peace of mind. Security systems also stop an unauthorized intrusion on your property. The added security will surely benefit any potential renters that stay on your property.
  • Using smart locks makes it easy to transition between tenants. You can change the access code without having to call a locksmith, this makes it easier for everyone involved and can provide easy access to your property.


To give you the complete picture, it’s crucial that we also talk about the cons of installing smart home devices. Here are the most common cons to installing smart home devices in your rental property:

  • Independent landlords should consider the price tag for smart home technology when choosing whether to invest in it. It is not prohibitively expensive, but it does cost about $500 or more to completely outfit a rental property with the various products.
  • As Wi-Fi technology advances, the networks become more reliable and able to cover larger areas. However, If your home Wi-Fi drops or is weak in a particular area, then the devices may not respond or operate correctly.
  • Some people object to new smart technologies. They are worried that you can potentially see and hear them based on the type of smart home automation you use.

Should You Install Smart Home Devices In Your Rental Properties?

At the end of the day, installing smart home devices in your rental properties will benefit you in the long run. These added features will make your property more valuable in the eyes of potential renters. With that being said, be sure to be thorough when selecting what devices to install in your property.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you make the best decision for your rental. As you can see, smart home devices can add a lot to your property and make it more enticing for potential renters. Despite the upfront costs, smart home devices are a worth investment as they will make your rental considerably more liveable.

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