Generally, we don’t see the two words “security” and “automation” together simply because one doesn’t seem to go well with the other. After all, when we think of security, we think about the manual effort we have to put in to keep something secure, such as the locks on the doors or the password to a computer. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, many security features are now automated to a certain extent to make our lives more convenient and secure. Think homes for example, where many home security solutions are now automated for the convenience of its homeowners.

Speaking of home security solutions, automated door locks are such types of automated security solutions. If you have yet to have them installed in your home, you should! Here’s why:

1. Eliminates the Need for the Traditional Key

Earlier, our grandparents and even parents would go through so much trouble just to open their house’s door. They would have to take the key out, turn it around, and put it back inside their pocket to unlock the mechanism. Things only get more annoying when there are many keys to sift through, especially for those with poor memory. Fortunately, we now have automated door locks for homes that eliminate this hassle and work much better than the traditional key system. This is because an automated door lock can be opened from far away with the use of remote control or an app on your phone! In other words, you no longer need a key, let alone carry a bunch for the various doors you have to go through.

2. Can Be Controlled Even if You Are Far Away

Yet another significant aspect of automated door locks is that they can be controlled even when you are far away. Unlike manual locks, they can be opened and closed from wherever you are in the world. Just as mentioned above, it can be opened from the remote control or from your smartphone. Don’t see how this can benefit you? Think about a scenario where a friend or even a family wants to enter your home, but the door is locked. No matter where you are, you can open the door from your phone without having to show up yourself to unlock the door! Now that’s incredibly convenient.

3. Can Track Who Goes in and Comes Out

If you have young children, or if you are afraid of burglars, then automated door locks are especially important for you. When the door is opened or closed, it can be tracked through the use of remote control or your phone. This means that you can check whether an unwanted person has entered your house without your knowledge or whether one of your children has left home without informing you.


Getting automated door locks for your home is the perfect solution to the problem of key management. Let the door open without you having to be present and close it after people have come and gone. You can also track whatever activity is going on in your house! Really, an automated door lock is the ultimate answer to security and convenience. You can enjoy maximum security in your home without having to sacrifice your time and effort to open it when you need to.

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