A home theater will always be a great way to enjoy your favorite movies in the comfort of your own space. Through the surround sound system, they are able to deliver great picture and sound quality, making it more immersive. If you happen to be using one at home, you may be wondering how to improve your experience further and take your movie nights to the next level.

No worries, as we’ve listed a couple of ways for you to achieve just that. The following tweaks and recommendations will let you have a surround sound experience unlike any other.

1. Place the Center Speaker in a High Position

The center speaker is normally where the dialogue of the movie characters will be coming from. In that case, it would only be right to place them above the screen. This will give off the illusion that they are speaking directly in front of you. This is especially exciting for intense dramatic and suspenseful scenes. This will also help you understand the script that may otherwise sound vague if you can’t hear them clearly.

2. Get Bigger Speakers

When it comes to surround sound, size really does matter. You must consider getting bigger ones for a much better effect, not to mention a more impactful bass. There’s a reason why cinemas have large speakers hanging around their sides, and this is not just about allowing the viewers to hear the movie’s sounds. This is also about delivering high-quality sounds that smaller speakers may otherwise muffle out. There is something about big speakers that deliver a blend of sounds in unison, compared to the compact ones limited by their inner components and lack of bass.

3. Calibrate the Sound System

Basically, this means that you must mix and balance the sounds that are coming out of your surround sound. The system’s main components will allow you to do this, but before you can even get your hands on the dials, you must first read the instruction manuals so that you will have a general idea of which speaker produces which sounds. Being able to map each sound to its respective source will give you that crisp sound that is akin to cinema quality.

4. Position the Subwoofer Appropriately

This certain part may require you to experiment from time to time, as understandably, different movies have different qualities in sounds. Most people may try to hide their subwoofers to mitigate the bass, but this shouldn’t be the case. Feel free to reposition them until you are able to experience the movie’s sound perfectly. If they aren’t delivering that full experience when kept at the sides, you can try putting them in the corner. This is all a matter of trial and error.


Achieving a high-quality surround sound at home is just a matter of knowing how and where to position your speakers and subwoofers. Make sure that you will place them at an appropriate angle and do not hide them behind your plants or furniture. Balance out the sound using the system’s controls and experiment in mixing their levels. With enough practice, you may just get the right mix of sound and spectacular effects.

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