One of the major selling points for a custom home theater is the ability to choose every detail and create a theater that fits perfectly into your home. It is, in many ways, an art form that incorporates the latest technological advances into a beautiful room that fits right into any house’s style.

Achieve the custom home theater of your dreams by considering these things:

Seating Options

There are many seating options available for a home theater besides the ever-popular recliner-style seats. You can choose other options, such as a high-backed couch or a loveseat, especially if you prefer to sit together with your loved ones. There are loveseats and conjoined reclining seats you can find today. 

Another thing to think about your seating is that they should be placed where storing drinks or food is within an arm’s reach. Usually, the reclines you’ll find today have cup holders. 

Finally, it’s best to have your seats in the middle of the room. You can place tables in between or near the seats to have an efficient and convenient seating layout for your home theater. 


What’s a home theater without soundproofing, right? Felt and foam panels are easy to install because they come with various adhesive stickers that prevent the paint from coming off the wall when pulled back. 

Your soundproofing will also keep the noise from other rooms or the street outside from entering your home theater. That way, you get to have an uninterrupted time. 

When installing soundproofing panels, place them along the sides of the theater space and in the middle section of the ceiling. Take it easy when installing them because too much can trap heat within the space, which will make it difficult to regulate the temperature in the room. 


How much lighting do you want in your home theater? Today, smart home lighting is often the preferred choice for home theaters. This is because it will let you have complete control over the lighting. And what’s even better is that smart lighting is actually a less expensive option compared to other types of lighting. 

When installing lights, the front and rear end of the theater must have differentiated lighting areas. Doing so will ensure the space around the screen will remain dark while the back of the room is lighter. Fortunately, there are many lighting options to choose from. 

TV or Projector Screen

If you want a traditional theater setup, then you should get a projector screen. The screen should be mounted on the ceiling, and it will need specialized light bulbs. On the other hand, the picture quality of a TV is higher than a projector. When you want a TV, choose a high-resolution-4K one, which is a modern minimum for a home theater. 

Audio System

Your audio system plays a crucial role in your home theater. You need to have a full audio range with surround sound. When it comes to this, you need an AV receiver, subwoofers, a soundbar that fits beneath the screen, and other cables and wires. 

Design Your Custom Home Theater

With the latest technological advancements, home theaters have become a lot simpler to build. This guide will give you several important considerations when building your custom home theater.

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