7 Reasons To Should Invest in Security Cameras for Your Business

February 10, 2022News

Would you feel safer if a security camera was installed on your storefront? Would you have an added sense of security knowing that at a glance, you can tell whether your property is being approached by unwanted visitors or if there’s movement inside? What about monitoring what’s happening in and around your place of business? … Read More

The Most Common Home Theater Problems You May Encounter

February 3, 2022News

Some people treat their home theater as their pride and joy, and why wouldn’t they. Besides the fact that it’s the fruit of all their hard work, it also provides them with countless hours of entertainment. That being said, all forms of technology and innovation encounter many types of problems from time to time, and … Read More

Audio Visual Technology: Which Industries Can Benefit from It?

January 27, 2022News

Audio Visual Technology (AV) is everywhere, whether we realize it or not. The ability to use AV applications daily has dramatically increased in the last five years.  From playing games and watching movies to listening to music and making presentations, AV tech has taken over our daily lives and is not just enjoyed by the … Read More

6 Advantages of Keyless Entry Systems for Modern Companies

January 20, 2022News

Having proper security in the workplace is vital for many reasons—access control, data security, and employee confidentiality, to name a few. One of the trusted methods of keeping office space secure is by using electronic door locks. These locks are slowly becoming the standard for commercial establishments as this technology allows for greater safety for … Read More

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall-Mounted Soundbars

January 13, 2022News

Soundbars are bar-shaped audio devices that contain multiple speakers. They are great additions to any home theatre system to boost the overall sound experience. Most people would place soundbars on their entertainment system cabinets. But if you have a wall-mounted TV or you want to have a modern and chic-looking entertainment system setup, a wall-mounted … Read More

Are Smart Home Devices Worth Adding to Rental Properties?

January 6, 2022News

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that technology has changed the way we live our lives. And while this is evident in a slew of different parts of daily life, it’s most evident in our homes. Indeed, smart home devices have transformed modern homes. Because of this many landlords are starting to consider installing … Read More