Technology keeps getting better. Say goodbye to standard locks, and hello to smart locks! These smart home devices are slowly becoming part of American life. A smart lock is a key-free replacement for traditional door locks. They connect to Bluetooth or your home’s wireless network. As soon as the code has been set, all it takes is to download the dedicated application—enter your home without digging for keys in your pockets.

The trend of living in a smart home is not slowing down anytime soon. In 2019, there were more than 832 million smart home devices shipped all around the US. By 2023, it is estimated that the number will climb up to 1.6 billion. 

However, there is no rush in making your household smart right away. If you’re unsure which smart device to get, you can start with a primary smart lock. Here are some reasons to get a smart lock installed today.

1. Convenience

Smart locks are popular because they are convenient. The device doesn’t require any key, making it easier to use than traditional locks in the market. Since people do not need to bring a key anywhere, there is no worry of losing it. 

Other smart locks even provide hands-free entry. As long as the smartphone programmed with the manufacturer’s application is active, the person who has the device can access whichever room the smart lock is installed in.

2. Design

Design is essential for people who consume tech products. Most people consider how a product looks first before checking its actual specifications. Smart locks combine both design and feature in one functional product. The design is very modern, sleek, and a reflection of ultra-modern convenience. They also come in various finishes—black matte, silver, chrome, and gold. No matter what your style preferences are, there is a smart lock waiting for you.

3. Tamper Resistant

It’s important to understand that smart locks are tamper-resistant, not tamper-proof. There is still a chance of people hacking into it, but it is less than the rate of hacking into a traditional lock. As technology improves, there are more smart locks to become tamper-proof smart devices that people can rely upon a hundred percent. 

4. Hassle-Free

Smart locks do not need keys. Hence, they can eliminate one of the most significant hassles—leaving a key behind. People only need their smartphones to get into the rooms protected by the efficient smart home device through smart locks. There is no need for a physical key that takes up too much space that people usually leave behind when they are in a hurry. Instead, using a passcode means more security from potential theft when you’re far away from home.

5. Tracking Feature

Most of the time, people are unaware of what is happening in their homes while away. However, smart locks solve this problem. By installing a smart lock on the main door or bedroom door, homeowners can now track an unauthorized entry in their household. 

Since smart locks work with passcodes, only the people who know them can enter. The homeowner can also receive a notification someone is trying to unlock the door. In effect, it prevents thieves from stealing and breaking into homes unnoticed.


Smart locks are a manifestation of how far we’ve come in technology. As people transition into using digital devices, they are becoming more interested in aligning their home’s features and functionality in the modern world. Through smart locks, keeping your home safe has become easier.

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