Buy to the Tune: Music’s Impact on Customer Buying Behavior

There are many things that may affect a customer’s decision to buy from your business. While you may rely on your ads and other marketing methods to lure in potential customers and leads, the effect of music on your venture can’t be overlooked. Sure, it is often regarded as a way to establish a background atmosphere in your stores, but one of its many strengths actually lies in its ability to convince your buyers to cash out.

While it truly sounds too good to be true, music has notable merits and can make a massive impact on your customer experience. It is rare to find an establishment today that does not make use of background music, and that is all for a very good reason. Aside from the fact that it eliminates any notion of boredom amongst your employees, it also provides those well-needed beats that may motivate your customers to buy from you.

If you are still unconvinced by this, we have listed a few examples below for your reference. Use them as a guide or basis from where you may establish your own use of background music and see the difference that it makes in your sales.

1. Music Sets the Mood for Customers

If you are running your own restaurant, you may have witnessed this phenomenon firsthand. The thing about music is that they have the ability to affect the mood of people, much so that it may even change the emotion they’re feeling without them realizing it. Restaurants and other elegant dining places often use classical music and jazz instrumentals to induce a feeling of relaxation, and the effects can be seen in the influx of customers even during the weekends.

While it may mostly be attributed to the good food that your chefs are diligently serving with the utmost care, you cannot ignore the fact that your choice of background music may also attract more customers to your spot. Even those who may just be passing by may get a general idea of how elegant the place is due to your choice of sound.

2. Music Tends to Motivate Action

This is something evident within retail shops and sports stores. The thing about a catchy tune is that it often acquires an immediate reaction from your target market. A tune that is both trendy and upbeat may motivate your customers from checking out your items for sale, attributing to its ability to trigger a memory filled with action and suspense. The same phenomenon can be seen in cinemas screening an action movie or gym facilities with upbeat background music.

3. Music Facilitates Brand Recognition

Believe it or not, your favorite fast food also tends to utilize music to its advantage. As trivial as it may sound, the reason that many companies rely on their catchy jingles and commercials is that they trigger brand recognition, well enough for their target audience to experience an offset of impulsive buying and hunger.

The same principle applies towards fast food establishments and other ventures that heavily rely on their brand being well-recognized amongst their target audience.


Music has always been an integral part of the business, even when they seem too different from one another. However, they also have the ability to affect a person’s behavior, more specifically, their buying behavior. Due to their tendencies in setting up a buyer’s mood, motivating action, and triggering brand recognition, it is considered a major marketing tool by both agencies and companies alike.

Take advantage of the pointers above and use music as your brand motivator to boost your sales.

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