Despite their name, bookshelf speakers aren’t only intended for shelves. In fact, these create greater amplification and deliver more optimal performance when seated on a stand than a shelf. 

So, if you are thinking about audio systems installation, here are the reasons why you must consider stands for your bookshelf speakers.

1. Stands Help You Find the Best Position

Unlike bookshelves and sideboards, stands allow your speakers to perform well since they keep early reflections and distortion to a minimum. Stands can offer greater freedom when it comes to spacing, angling, and achieving the proper height for installation.

It would be enjoyable to stay inside the house while listening to your favorite music when your speaker system gives the best sound quality. And that can only be possible if you can optimally position your speakers. With the help of a stand, you can also slightly move the speaker toward the desired direction to achieve what is the so-called sweet spot for audio.

As you know, the position of your speakers affects the quality of sound that they may produce. Moreover, using a stand can be beneficial to have an added distance between corners and your speakers, which is a way to combat reflection.

Considering all of these, it’s clear that stands have more impactful benefits than shelves.

2. Stands Eliminate Sound Reflection

Have you ever played a song inside your home and noticed that there seems to be another sound coming from your speaker? You better check if the speaker is placed between two corners or a shelf. The reflected sounds that you hear most likely come from nearby walls or surfaces—they aren’t exactly great for a home theater system.

To hear the sound directly from the speaker and combat the reflection and echoes, you need to take the speaker off the shelf.  Try to use a stand instead. You will be able to see how stands provide better treble and more precise overall sound.

Remember that placing your speaker close to a wall or surface can distort the sound. But with a stand, you may simply place your speaker away from surfaces that sound waves can bounce off of.

3. Stands Allow Speakers to Be at Ear-Level 

Another thing that sets stands apart from shelves is their ear-level listening position. It significantly helps in achieving better soundstage position and imaging. Having the speaker’s tweeter positioned at ear level allows you to have the best listening experience.

To determine the proper height for your bookshelf speakers, try to get the measurement from the floor to your ears. After that, measure from the bottom of your bookshelf speaker to the tweeter. Then, subtract the difference between the two measurements.

Final Thoughts: Get Access to High-Quality Audio Systems

Well-installed speakers offer a way to enjoy an elevated audiovisual experience. They bring your entertainment to the next level, plus, the stunning sound quality breathes a new breath of life into your home!

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