Integration & Automation

SAVI is your certified dealer of ELAN products. ELAN gives you one-touch convenience for smart home control and automation from the palm of your hand. With ELAN, you are in full control of your home's temperature, lights, media, security, and much more. For more information on ELAN click on the link below, and give us a call at (205) 441-9758 to talk with one of our specialists about integrating your home.

Convenience & Control

ELAN allows you to be the master of your domain with elegant and intuitive technology, personalized to your lifestyle. With the ELAN controller at the head, the elegant remote, touch panels, and keypads bring smart home control to you, no matter if you are in another room or another country.

The ELAN Entertainment and Control System brings to you the convenience and power of being able to control your home from any location. With your phone as your tool, manipulate your home's temperature, lighting, and more remotely.